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Why "third eye views"? I think of my camera as my third eye, capturing images that my 2 eyes frequently miss. I am legally blind in one eye and very limited in the other. I got my first SLR camera when I was 18 years old and have been a hobby shutterbug ever since. I learned to shoot around the blurred vision and blind spots that developed over the next decade or so (meaning I can seldom use manual focus!) When a resulting shot turns out to be "successful", sometimes I am shocked and sometimes see elements in it that I didn't even know were there when I composed it. I hoped to aquire mad skills over the years and have learned a lot by trial and error. It's a great feeling when I carefully set up a shot and it turns out just how I envisioned it but sometimes I have to credit my successes to some intuitiveness on my part (or possibly by sheer accident!) In Eastern medicine, the third eye chakra is associated with inner sight, which surely must at times be kicking in where my literal sight leaves off. Enjoy the pics and know that for every good shot, there are a dozen bad ones and that good or bad, I have enjoyed every single click of the shutter.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's a white Christmas in Georgia!

And it's the first time since 1883, I heard someone say. I never thought I'd see it. Apparently Georgia didn't get the global warming memo and we had a Christmas "miracle". (It began snowing Christmas day late in the evening so technically we can say it's a white Christmas, not just a white day-after-Christmas.)
There's something calming and yet primeval about snow. The quiet, the stillness after a snowfall, the untouched expanse of pure white across a meadow...I'm always a teeny bit disappointed to see footsteps in the snow, like I wanted to be the one to step on it first. As the snow blankets and smooths out the landscape, hiding all the details and muffling the noise, it has a similar effect on me as well. Details that clutter our minds get pushed aside and the most elemental needs of survival are not taken for granted....heat, shelter, food, family. Although this miraculous snowfall obliged us by being the nice powdery kind, snowfalls are usually accompanied by dangerous freezing roads and power outages, leaving us stranded for days sometimes. Survival skills are tested and resolutions are made to be more prepared next year. 4-wheel drive....check. Fresh-baked bread that never made it into gift baskets, jars of last summer's garden bounty, holiday leftovers, and coffee....check. Propane tank is full, wood chopped...check. Generator ready....check. Rain barrels are full, hay is in the barn....check! Bring it on, Winter!

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